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Bagcycle was the Winner of the Eco-Challenge 12.0, in the category "Recycle and Reuse"

Team members:

  • Nestor David Garcia Alonso



Bagcycle is freedom, development and sustainable practicality: a low-cost folding bicycle made with recycled plastic from bottles, devised with a unique design that folds enough to be carried in a backpack, making it easy to make connections between different means of transport, to visit places whose access is restricted to bicycles or storage it. 

A solution for the correct final disposition of single-use plastic that was designed for anyone regardless of each one economic capacity; improves the standard of living and opportunities both for the network of collectors from vulnerable communities that provide the raw material and for end-users. It recycles disused plastic, generates decent work, reduces CO2 emissions, stress and road congestion while promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle; bagcycle gives a long-lasting utility to plastic that will no longer reach our seas and rivers. 

Team members

  • Nestor David Garcia Alonso