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Durmientes Sintéticos was the Winner of the Eco-Challenge 2022

Team members:

  • Franco Esteban Frola
  • Giuliano Dino Frola


Durmientes Sintéticos

Argentinian Plastic Sleepers is a project that allows the recovery of discarded plastics that are difficult to recycle, avoid cutting down trees, generates new jobs in popular economies and encourages the use of the railway as a more sustainable means of transport.
We developed an alternative for recycling complex plastics for the manufacture of synthetic slee-pers for railway tracks with our own technology that allows the recovery of materials that are not used by the traditional recycling industry, thus avoiding their incorrect disposal.
Since 2017 we have been working with technical teams from INTI plastics and additive production multinationals to develop formulations, and technical teams from SOFSE, IRAM and concrete sleeper manufacturers to optimize product design.
Our project was recognized by the Ministry of National Production in 2020 and winner of the 2021 International Contest of the National Ministry of Transport, to manufacture 100,000 units.

Team members

  • Franco Esteban Frola
  • Giuliano Dino Frola