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YABT office
1889 F Street NW, Washington, D.C.,USA

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+1 202 370 4723

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Finalist team of the Eco-Challenge 11.0 competition, in the category "Beyond the Bottle and the Bag".

Team members:

  • Luis Carlos Ojeda Bastidas

Fabriplasticos de Nariño

FABRIPLASTICOS DE NARIÑO is a company created to minimize the environmental impact generated by plastic material, through the production and commercialization of plastic bags using recycled material and biodegradable inputs. Our production process is developed with the support of associations dedicated to recycling and an expert team, trained and committed to implementing quality processes in the finished product. We reuse the waste generated as part of our raw material and use an electromagnetic induction heating system that reduces electricity consumption by almost 40%. We seek to generate environmental awareness, in order to recycle, optimize work, and facilitate the recognition of materials for people dedicated to recycling.

Team members:

  • Luis Carlos Ojeda Bastidas