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Green Package was a finalist team in the Eco-Challenge 12.0 competition, in the category "Reinventing: beyond the bottle".

Team members:

  • David Pareja

Green Package

Green Package is a project based on most of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and circular economy. This project, It is a line of ecological bottles and bottles caps that Inversiones Diana Milena (IDM) will seek to launch on the market, in order to revolutionize the world by contributing to the environment. This line of products are not based on any plastic additive nor is it a PLA, they are made of a totally 100% organic material. 

Being a product based on 100% organic raw material, it presents characteristics such as that it biodegrades in controlled conditions such as uncontrolled, Compostable, Home-Compost, food friendly, among others. These products begin their degradation only when it begins with the contact of a bacteria, in this way cosmetics, medicines, food and chemicals can be stored without damaging the packaging.

Team members:

  • David Pareja