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YABT office
1889 F Street NW, Washington, D.C.,USA

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+1 202 370 4723

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Team participating in the "Reto InnovAccion 2021" competition, category "Youth Citizen Participation".

Team members:

  • Juan Esteban Villada Correa


Iniciativa 180

Iniciativa 180 is a non-profit foundation whose objective is to bring education to the country through recreational activities using a hybrid model between virtual and face-to-face classes. The foundation actively participates in the concept of social welfare of Colombian youth, providing educational and practical tools that serve for self-analysis, coexistence with others and the environment, this tools also help them with their workplace skills development. 

To fulfill its mission the foundation uses a integrating model where different actors in society participate by volunteering, ensuring the system is as profitably as possible, we have managed to establish a connection between business, administrative entities and educational institutions so that they exchange knowledge, thus achieving a wide scope while creating interactions with diferente actors in society who help to solve inequality problems at a minimum cost, the program last 2 year including follow up and evaluation.

Team members:

  • Juan Esteban Villada Correa