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Start Solidarium was the Winner of the Eco-Challenge 2022

Team members:

  • Lucas Luz Ladeia

Costa Rica

Start Solidarium

Start Solidarium is a socio-environmental impact business whose purpose is to transform solid waste into new raw material, promoting the circular economy generating decent work (SDG 8) and sustainable economic growth (SDG11). We develop from solid waste recycling (PS/polystyrene/styrofoam) the liquid plastic, patent registration at INPI – National Institute of Intellectual Property, after doing the curing process, it transforms into resistant material, washable with application in handcraft, decoration, industry, carpentry and civil construction. Thanks to this new innovation, we produce some decoration items and renovation materials as a minimum viable product, however, we want to reach the modular construction market after the result of tests and laboratory tests. Our short-term objective is to create circular economy territories in the city of Salvador and expand to other capitals where we are already implementing some accreditation through developing a model of commercial and productive franchise.

Team members

  • Lucas Luz Ladeia