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5 C's of Youth Development

The youth consultation process of the VI Young Americas Forum is focused on the 5 C’s of Youth Development: (1) Climate Change, (2) COVID-19, (3) Collaborating with Youth, (4) Combating Corruption, and (5) Connectivity and Digital Transformation. Current priorities resulting from a series of consultations with youth and from the main theme of the IX Summit of the Americas.

Climate Change
The youth of the Americas are rightly expressing their deep concern about climate change, frequently demanding policy changes to deal with its effects and consequences; But not only that, they are also acting to create change themselves, mobilizing their peers and communities, creating networks and developing business initiatives focused on resilience, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

A socio-economic recovery from the pandemic: multilateral organizations and study groups report alarming numbers and prospects for youth, their livelihoods have been disproportionately affected during COVID-19; The economic recession caused by closures, job losses and distance learning, when available, has exposed young people to unprecedented risks of vulnerability, depressed job markets when they graduate, a reality that will affect their potential to earn fair wages for decades to come.

Collaborating with Youth
Collaborate in the ideation and search for solutions: apply a positive youth development approach by working together, recognizing their potential as innovators, agents of change and entrepreneurs through the challenges of innovation, business labs, hackathons, labs of policies, innovation laboratories, youth dialogues and other similar forums. YABT has a long history of developing inclusive and open participatory channels to incorporate youth input into policy formulation and program design using the methodologies of the Young Americas Forum​

Combating Corruption
Recognizing that youth are under-represented in political matters, they continue to work to create a capable and transparent political environment. The contributions and commitment of young people have constantly joined forces in the search for instruments that reduce inequality gaps, promote well-being and improve the quality of life of citizens.​

Connectivity and Digital Transformation
A vision of growth and prosperity with equity, makes it necessary to improve and expand the digital connectivity in order to take advantage of resources and opportunities that will allow youth to develop skills for the present and future of work and create positive change in their community. The investment in human capital and the digital transformation are key to the efforts of reducing inequality and the creation of a new source of economic opportunities – especially for young people and women – through the digitalization of businesses and by strengthening the talent and skills of our youth to develop clean, safe, and inclusive technologies at the service of human development.

The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), is a nonprofit international organization that works in cooperation with the Organization of American States (OAS), to promote social and economic development of young people around the world.


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